Johny Willemyns, photographer and musician(no longer active) desktop publisher, founder of Jeeweepix.
He is full-time involved in photography.
He is a single, and a caring father of Susy, Sophie, Eros en Stefanie.
Over the last ten years or so, Johny mainly worked in studio, where he consistently employed a plain white backdrop as a device for emphasizing the physical and emotional presence of his subjects
For now, he will leave studio work aside (unless it is necessary for the assignment) and work on location, indoor and outdoor.
Despite the many contacts from models who offer to pose for me (against payment), for my personal projects, I pick the models based on their looks, attitude (I ask around) and self-confidence. This kind of cooperation between me (the photographer), the model, the MUA, the hairdresser and eventually the stylist, are all on a free base. All involved contribute their skills to these projects because they are aware that in the end, they will benefit from it one way or the other!
These days, I work with my Mamiya 645 equipped with a Leaf digital back for my studio work, and my Canon Mark II on location.
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